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Is an astrologst considered a psychic?

The clairvoyance has always been part of the life of men since the dawn of time. After all, men have been asking themselves many questions about their existence since the beginning of time. We talk about both basic questions about the future, explanations and answers. Every facet of these questions that have been asked have always had answers to clairvoyance.

Astrology and clairvoyance

Astrology is one of the leading branches of clairvoyance. Note that the latter is a simple way using supports to offer answers to all kinds of questions. We speak more of science than mere gifts in the domain of divinatory art. Thus, both in astrology and in clairvoyance, a period of analysis is obligatory in order to be able to leave the answers to the questions asked. Supports are always used during a clairvoyance session. It is from these supports that the name of the discipline will flow. In the case of astrology, the medium used is the stars. It is therefore from the analysis of the stars that the astrological specialists can emerge from the answers. There is also solar astrology that is most commonly used. It is this version of astrology that makes it possible to make horoscopes.

Astrology and the psychic

Astrology can be defined in a psychic order. Indeed, free psychic reading is necessarily part of clairvoyance. As a reminder, clairvoyance is a science using a medium in order to produce answers. The psychic analyzes follow exactly the same pattern which obligates them to enter the category of the divinatory arts linked to clairvoyance. Of course, astrology can also use this facet. It can be said clearly that astrology is psychic. Besides, astrology psychology is part of the new forms of this practice. Unlike traditional practices, psychological astrology is much more precise since it uses two supports in parallel. It uses both the psychological side as well as the analysis of the stars. This is new, simple, but high how effective way to have answers. With the advent of clairvoyance line, this practical side is all the more accentuated.