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How many cards are needed for a tarot reading

Several types of tarot exist in the world and are considered indicative of the future. Numerous tarot reading methods are also available and fortune tellers and psychics use them according to their convenience. Seeing the future through the tarot has become one of the most popular methods and appreciated by both interpreters and those who want to know more about their future.


Tarot is a wonderful universal tool for self-knowledge and personal development and several types of tarot exist in the world. The Tarots are card games with a very precise structure that is found from one game to another: 78 cards composed as follows: 22 cards representing universal archetypes, called arcanes (or blades) Major.40 cards symbolizing concepts, emotions, actions, events of daily life through the series (cups, sticks, swords and deniers) that are part of the Minor Arcana.16 court cards representing characters or facets of personality that are also part of the Minor Arcana. There are many Tarots with varied universes and differences in the naming of certain cards or even series. But they still respect this structure (22 major arcana + 56 minor arcana) and a predefined order of cards. Some Tarots offer only the 22 Major Arcana and ignore the minor Arcana.

Tarot gives you immediate future

To know what will be your immediate future, make a decision, anticipate the highlights of your future and know the impulses that shape your life, the tarot is there to help you. The free tarot reading on the site gives you a clear and precise answer. Thanks to the free online tarot site, you will finally be able to discover before everyone else what you have in store for the day ahead, but not only ... indeed, the Tarot cards offer you precious advice, allowing you to live better and take hold of your life.